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Shipping Rates & Policies

All orders are shipped F.O.B. Arlington Heights, Illinois. Current standard published shipping charges will be added to the invoice.
The following are our standard delivery methods and shipping & handling fees for packages under 1 lb. For over 1 lb. please inquire the fee at

Domestic shipping fee via UPS for packages under 1 lb.:

Delivery method Most zones** Hawaii
UPS 2nd day (Default) USD 18.00 USD 32.00
UPS Overnight Standard USD 35.00 N/A
UPS Overnight Priority USD 42.00 USD 48.00
UPS Ground USD 10.00 N/A

International shipping fee for packages under 1 lb.:

Country UPS DHL
Canada, Mexico USD 40.00 N/A
India N/A USD 65.00

Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland,France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia,New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand

N/A USD 65.00

Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Slovaka,South Africa, Latvia

N/A USD 130.00
Other Contact Us Contact Us

*International Customers: A bank fee of $30.00 may be required for processing your payment.

For collect account shipping:

You may use your own UPS/DHL/FedEx account for delivery with the specified handling fee.
Domestic Handling Fee USD 6.50
International Handling Fee USD 10.00

HazMat fee:

There will be a HazMat fee per item when shipping a dangerous goods. The HazMat fee will be charged to your UPS/DHL/FedEx collect account or added to the invoice unless the package is shipped via UPS Ground.
Ship by air in Excepted Quantity (each bottle), which is up to 1g/1mL for class 6.1 packing group I or II, and up to 30g/30ml for all other HazMat items.

Type HazMat Fee
Excepted Quantity Free
UPS Ground (Domestic only) Free
Inaccessible (Haz class 6.1), Domestic USD 41.00
Inaccessible (Haz class 6.1), International USD 64.00
Accessible (Haz class 3, 4, 5 or 8), Domestic USD 83.00
Accessible (Haz class 3, 4, 5 or 8), International USD 133.00

To avoid a HazMat fee, we will ship 5g order of a 6.1 (group I/II) item as 5 x1g, and 100g order of any other dangerous goods as 4 x 25g, unless the customer requests not to do so.